Agriculture and Conservation

As the 'hinteren' or 'Back' Lauterbrunnen Valley had already been sanctioned a Nature Reserve, it was not necessary to re-establish the area as a National Park. The resident alpine farmers carry on with their farming duties here. Nature conservation here is also a preservation of regional tradition and culture.

Both Alps were leased from the Swiss Confederation for the Protection of Nature (SBN). Tenant farmers followed traditional methods without the use of fertilisers and pesticides to manage the land and livestock of about 70 goats, 30 gitzi, 15 cattle and up to 100 sheep. Cheese making remains a traditional method here.

A conservation area needs to be maintained and administered.  Foehn wind storms (warm, south winds) and avalanches are a regular threat to the land. The mountain buildings must be maintained and the pastures must be kept clear of stones and rocks. To ensure reliable support, a mountain commission was formed in cooperation with the local municipality and consists of 2 municipal and 3 SBN representatives. The administrative group assists the Nature Conservation Commisssion.